Where can you find these cool walls, sculptures and decorations? At Fonda San Miguel here in Austin, a Mexican restaurant. It’s really neat, pretty high end and they have all these cool things to look at. Today I’m wearing over the knee boots from Tory Burch with a long, knitted… View Post

For all of you people who like to surf around for clothes that are somewhat hard to find – you need to learn this trick. Say you saw a picture of a blogger and you wonder who she is. Or, your favorite t-shirt is out of stock and you want… View Post

As I explained in a previous post, we just bought a Pilates machine. It’s supposed to give you really flexible legs – provided that you actually do the exercises haha. It’s really good for increasing blow flow to tired office shoulders too. We get all of our exercises off of Youtube… View Post

  Dancing in the Rain by sheynafox featuring a maybelline mascara   Spring is here – embrace the rain with new cute trends! Våren är här – omfamna den med nya söta trender!

Are you fans of The Big Bang Theory too? I know I am. (I’m a nerd, so why wouldn’t I be?) 🙂 You know, Penny, the blonde girl who lives next door to Sheldon and Leonard? Her outfits are just another fun thing to follow on the show. Her hoodies… View Post