This post could be a tribute to Penny of The Big Bang Theory (my favorite show btw). I’m wearing the same hoodie, basically the same hairstyle and I bet she wears UGGs more often than not. Den här posten kunde ha varit en hyllning till Penny i Big Bang Theory… View Post

Ever since I moved to the US, make-up brand The Balm has become one of my favorite brands. The company started in San Francisco (where I got married by the way!) and I bought my first The Balm product here. It was right before the wedding and I needed a… View Post

Next time you don a corset, make sure you also pick a sexy necklace to go with it. Nästa gång du drar på dig en korsett, välj då även ett riktigt sexigt halsband som passar till.       Believe it or not, all of these pictures were taken in… View Post

I just bought a new pair of glasses. Yay! Very happy about them. Har köpt nya glasögon! Yay! Är så otroligt nöjd. The optician picked these in like two seconds and was like, “These will look good on ya.” Impressive to say the least. 🙂 I only need glasses sometimes.… View Post

I’ve always dreamed of organizing my make-up stuff in a way that makes sense. My make-up storage has always been chaos. Now I’ve finally found a good way to store everything. Har alltid drömt om att ha ordning bland mina sminkgrejer. Min sminkförvaring har alltid stavats K-A-O-S. Men nu så… View Post