Louis Vuitton has launched – are you ready? – BOXING GLOVES! Is that crazy or what? Louis Vuitton har även lanserat – håll i er nu – BOXHANDSKAR! Crazy eller?  They also made a punching bag. Extremely expensive. Not something you would carry to the gym. 😉 I wonder what target… View Post

Today I am blue…     Idea behind the outfit: You can offset the comfy look of loose pants a little bit by adding heels. I think with these pants you can probably wear either a tight top or a slouchy, loose one. I added a crazy ring and a… View Post

A number of years ago it was kinda trashy to wear sneakers with a skirt or dress. It looked like that’s all you owned and you couldn’t find anything better to wear. Then more and more girls refused to wear heels and get owie feet. Or they just felt like… View Post

Yves Saint Laurent’s Monogram bag is the handbag that everybody craves right now. Available in a lot of different styles and colors. Yves Saint Laurents Monogram bag är väskan alla suktar efter nu. Finns massor av olika utföranden och färger.   This is probably my favorite: Min favorit är nog…… View Post

I wore this dress for my elementary school graduation (!!), it’s actually a bit large. Found a crop jacket in denim that had a little bit of orange in it. Matches the dress perfectly. Jag hade den här klänningen när jag gick ut nian, och den är till och med lite… View Post