Duck Feeding in Denim

If you ever go shopping at the Arboretum mall in Austin, make sure you 1. Grab a burger at Five Guys, 2. Take a stroll around the duck pond just below. Ducks are really cute/funny and there are turtles too!

Den här ankdammen ligger nära Arboretum shoppingcenter i Austin. Vi brukar alltid käka burgare på Five Guys (bästa pommesen!) och ta en liten promenad för att titta på de söta och roliga ankorna. Det finns sköldpaddor också!


Jeansklänning JC Duck pond Arboretum Floral backpack Lower east end shoes Denim dress belt Rose backpack Denim dress zippered Jean dress backpack







Zippered denim dress: JC (Swedish brand)

Backpack: eBay $15 including shipping

Wedges/sandals in boat style: Lower East Side

Belt: eBay $3 including shipping

Hair extensions: 24″ real human remy hair, from eBay $65 ( )

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