I’m celebrating 4th of July by making a fabulous manicure! The nails of the brave. 😉 USA:s nationaldag idag. Det firar jag med en fabulous manikyr! The home of the brave, var det ja. 🙂   This is how I made the stripes. Just attach some nail tape to the nail… View Post

A big chunk of the year it’s so hot here that you can only go out at night. Even then it might be extremely hot! Anyway, this is our night shoot down in the greenbelt behind our house. Hello turtles! 🙂 En stor del av året är det så varmt… View Post

I decided a while back to try the Body for Life method. It’s a workout system that builds muscle all over your body by following a routine where you go back between reps and weight. Scientifically, they have found that this way of working out will build muscle more effectively.… View Post

Guess Dalila sandals When my mom was here visiting we went shopping (duh!). We found these sandals that I immediately fell in love with. I fell down to my knees and worshipped them, haha. You know the feeling, when you just get all obsessed and you are drawn back to… View Post

One thing you will notice here in Texas is that there’s a lot of “Howdy!” and “Y’all”, which can sometimes seem strange to a Swede like me. “People really talk like that for real?!” 🙂 Austin is an incredibly friendly place. Everywhere you go people wear bohemian clothes. So today’s outfit is… View Post